mirageHomeowners today have the luxury of choosing from many types of flooring materials; carpet, hardwood, cork, bamboo, tiles, linoleum, and much more. One of the most popular flooring materials is laminate and in this blog post we will explain the pros and cons  of choosing laminate flooring for your home.

First of all laminate flooring is very durable and long-lasting since it is resistant to typical wear and tear and doesn’t fade when exposed to direct sunlight or artificial light. Also unlike wood, which can dent, laminate flooring is almost not capable of being dented or scratched due to a wear layer that protects the photographic layer underneath. The tough surface on this type of flooring resists stains well and makes it easy to clean (just use a vacuum or broom and mop with a damp mop). Additionally many manufacturers include several years of warranties depending on the brand and model.

BathroomLaminateLaminate flooring is a great choice for semi-moist areas such as a powder room, kitchen, and other similar areas as long as the boards are installed tight together leaving no avenue for moisture. Thus laminate flooring can resist some water as long as spills are wiped up fairly quickly.

Today laminate flooring installs fast and easy due to the click/lock or fold/lock design that works like puzzle pieces. Even better, since the planks are constructed of soft particleboards they can be cut with a hand saw or utility knife! Also, laminate can be installed directly over your existing plywood sub-floor or other hard-surface floors such as hardwood, concrete or linoleum.

Lastly, laminate flooring is today available in a huge selection of designs and finding one that fits your style and decor is usually not difficult. Choices are for instance hardwood imitation, stone, tile, and ceramic imitation. Thus you have a chance to enjoy beautiful floors with a high-end look at the fraction of the cost.

Conslake st louis flooring store barefoot flooring laminate flooring
For many homeowners, while laminate flooring might look like hardwood or tile or some other type of flooring, it is not the real thing which can be an issue for some people. Additionally, in terms of adding value to your home laminate flooring will not add much resale value compared to hardwood floors or stone or tiles.
Unlike hardwood floors, laminate floors cannot be sanded and refinished for a new and fresh look and if your laminate floor becomes damaged the plank needs to be replaced. Some complain that laminate floors are slippery and have a tendency to create static electricity.

In short, if you are looking for budget friendly floors that are durable and easy to install, laminate makes for a great addition to your home. However, if your goal is to add value and even luxury to your home laminate is not your best choice. Whatever route you decide to go, Barefoot Flooring has a vast selection of samples and ideas for your future flooring needs.


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