Fabrica is a fully integrated manufacturer of carpet and rugs for the most demanding segments of the high style residential market. Their distinctive broadloom carpet, custom area rugs and hand-tufted rugs have earned Fabrica an international reputation for exquisite style and exceptional performance.

Founded in 1974, Fabrica’s state of the art research and development facilities have produced innovative and diversified products, offering impeccable color choices. The selection, timeliness, and clarity of color is Fabrica’s primary hallmark of quality.


Fabrica, carpet, barefoot flooringFabrica carpet and rugs are recognized for their singular beauty and exceptional quality. Using superior materials, state of the art technology, and highly skilled craftsmen, Fabrica creates carpet and area rugs that offer “Quality Without Compromise”.

Fabrica’s reputation for quality and style comes in part from the unmatched creativity of Fabrica designers, whose sense of craftsmanship and passion for color consistently produce the most innovative carpet and area rugs available. Fabrica strives to be “Best in Class” by blending exquisite style and uncompromising performance in every carpet and rug we produce.


GreenlabelpusFabrica carpet carry the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Green Label Plus certification for Indoor Air Quality. Green Label Plus is an independent testing program that identifies carpets with very low emissions of VOCs to help improve indoor air quality. By selecting Green Label Plus carpet from Fabrica, you are assured one of the lowest emitting products on the market. CRI’s purpose is to educate consumers, commercial stakeholders and the industry about carpet and rugs, from health benefits and environmental efforts to trends and advice. CRI initiatives help protect air quality, carpet’s lifespan and lead to smarter buying decisions on cleaners and equipment. 


Fabrica has instituted an extensive recycling program throughout our facility, diverting tens of thousands of pounds of waste from landfills every year.

Also Fabrica partners with the Orange County Water District’s Green Acres Project, a water recycling effort that provides reclaimed or “gray water” for widespread regional landscape irrigation projects, such as schools, parks, golf courses, as well as some industrial uses. Every gallon of reclaimed water Fabrica uses saves a gallon of fresh water for drinking or other purposes. Fabrica makes use of reclaimed water in the carpet manufacturing process, and wastewater is used to cool large pieces of equipment. Continued process improvement and conservation efforts have significantly reduced Fabrica’s annual water consumption.

Using a combination of conservation techniques and alternative energy sources, Fabrica has successfully lowered energy use levels, while at the same time increasing production capacities.

Additionally, in case of electrical emergency Fabrica has participated in Southern California Edison’s Interruptible program, which means Fabrica agrees to stop production and reduce to under 100KW during any time there is an electrical power shortage.

Area rugs from Fabrica and Barefoot Flooring

As a recipient of the prestigious WRAP Award from the California Waste Reduction Awards Program, Fabrica is recognized as an outstanding business leader for our implementation of waste reduction efforts. WRAP awards are administered by the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

Also, Fabrica has been awarded the highest recognition for quality by the American Flooring Association and was named the premier mill in the United States by top retailers.

Barefoot Flooring is proud to offer carpet and rugs from Fabrica and if you want more information or take a look for yourself, just swing by our showroom.

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