Whether you are planning on renovating your home or simply want to add some extra details to your living space why not get an exciting range of tiles – marbles, mosaic, or waterjet – that can turn out to be the best material for your project. Mango Tiles, which has been in business since 2005, is a highly reputable tiling company located in Canada with a vast variety and stock of tiles and who guarantee to have a design that can suit both your taste and your property as well.

Mango  Tiles have shaped their reputation by serving a range of clients all across Canada and North America for years with high quality products and services. Their products mirror the most modern and innovative trends in the mosaic tile market and their high end tiles and mosaic will offer customers a unique appearance unfeasible with typical tiles. After gaining immense experience in the field, today Mango Tiles are being recognized as one of the best Mosaic Company in GTA.

Additionally, Mango Tiles have boosted themselves from humble roots to one of the leading tile companies near Mississauga that specializes in Waterjet Mosaic tiles. Our state of the art Waterjet Mosaic tiles look good in any area or any space. Whether you wish to remodel your home or your commercial property, Mango Tiles can deliver you the finest mosaic tile collection out of an array of most unique selections of the mosaic tiles, inspired by the latest fashion and development.

At Barefoot Flooring we understand that choosing the best tiles, marbles, or mosaic for your home or office and adding style and class to the place won’t be an easy task. But if you visit our showroom our talented and experienced staff will inspire you to transform your space with Mango Tiles. We will help you find the best tiling material that suits you and your space as well.



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