Is tile the right choice for your home?

Tile can be a wonderful flooring choice for almost any room due to its elegance, durability and because it is also very easy to keep clean and maintain. But how do you know if tile is the right choice for you and your home?

Barefoot Flooring has put together and overview of the pros and cons to help you with your decision.


Tile has a natu12931207_1143308909032735_4446987079951393621_nral, handcrafted look that’s durable and easy to care for. Since tile works well in areas with high foot traffic, and is especially suited for areas where water and dirt enter the house, tiles are a perfect choice for your mudroom, bathroom, hallway, kitchen and bathroom. Think about all the times someone spills a drink in the kitchen, or enters your house with wet and dirty shoes (or a wet and dirty dog). If the tiles and the grout are sealed properly and the tiles have been glazed, this type of flooring is the best at withstanding water, which is why tile floors are so popular in for instance kitchens and bathrooms.

If someone in your family suffers from allergies, tiles are an excellent choice due to tile floors being nontoxic. And besides the usual vacuuming and dusting tile floors require very little cleaning and maintenance, unless you frequently need to clean up after your wet dog! Since design patterns are pretty much limitless when using all of the possible combinations of size, texture and color you are ensured beautiful, elegant floors with timeless appeal, which also significantly increases your home’s value.

With so different types and styles of tile to choose from—including ceramic, porcelain, quarry and marble— in addition to the endless combinations of patterns whether you want to create a focal point or a luxurious look, a homeowner can easily find a flooring solution that meets design needs and budget.


Although a popular choice in millions of American homes, tiles flooring is not for everyone. For instance tile flooring offers a cold, hard walking surface and if you live in a cold-weather climate without heated floors, you will need to wear slippers on cold winter mornings.

If you are a typical do-it-yourself kind of person tiles are unfortunately one of the more difPorcelainFloorsficult surfaces to install. You will need specific tools to both cut and install the tiles and if patience is not your strongest side, this job is not for you since it requires precision and thorough installation to make the floor look its absolute best.

Tiles create more sound in a room compared to for instance carpet or hardwood flooring. With more sound combined with a cold surface, adding an area rug to the room can help diminish that. Tiles can also be more slippery when they get wet, and if you do drop for instance glass on tiled floors, they will most likely break. Additionally, while tiles are very durable and they can chip or crack, and the repair can be costly.


Tile flooring will always be a smart choice for American homes due to its timeless appeal and durability. For the most part, tiles is a cost-effective way of adding value to a home while providing a lifelong flooring solution. Diy installation may be challenging, but it can be done with patience and if instructions are thoroughly followed.

Taking the time to learn about the proper care and maintenance of tile floors will also add to the floor’s lifespan and the enjoyment of the homeowner.

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