The HOST (with the most)
It was that time of year again, “the cleaning of my carpets”. Ugh….. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the look, the feel, and the smell of newly cleaned carpets but let’s face it, it’s just too time consuming with the prepping (ie  removing furniture), the cleaning itself with having to refill the tank and empty out dirty water numerous times, in addition to the hours of waiting until you can move your furniture bahost_dry_boxesck and walk on your carpet again. Plus I am not overly crazy about the chemicals that are used with steam cleaners these days either.

Then a colleague of mine introduced me to the HOST. The HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System, which  uses environmentally preferred, Green Seal Certified cleaning products that deep cleans your carpets quickly and easily is a safe and effective green floor cleaning system made from 100% plant-based resources and a little bit of green cleaning chemistry (woohoo!).  Additionally you only have to wait an hour until you can put your furniture back and start walking on your carpets again.

Here are some of HOST’s highlights:

befpre and after

  • No wet carpet
  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for all carpets, even Orientals and sisal
  • Removes dust mites, mold and other allergens
  • Spots won’t come back
  • Carpet stays cleaner longer
  • Lifts matted carpet
  • Safer for children and pets

Becausehqdefault HOST is a dry extraction cleaning system it carries the liquid ingredients to the carpet fibers in a controlled way. The soft, organic, natural HOST extractorSPONGES®contain all the necessary liquid to dissolve and absorb both water based and oil based dirt. It is moistened with water and a blend of environmentally friendly ingredients. And because HOST is a low moisture cleaning system, when you’re finished cleaning, the carpet is dry and ready to use immediately. Plus it smells  wonderful!

Naturally I had to give this a try so I bought the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner mixture (which looks like sawdust, see picture above), rented the HOST machine and got to work. First I vacuumed my carpets step5_brushingthoroughly. I then applied the HOST dry cleaner mixture evenly all over the carpets, before I used the HOST machine to thoroughly brush the mixture into the carpet and start the cleaning process. When you use the HOST machine make sure you brush in every direction several times to really get the mixture working on your carpets. Once finished I waited for about an hour until the carpets were dry to vacuum the remaining mixture and clean it all up.

Love the HOST
Not only do my floors look much brighter and cleaner again, they also smell wonderful and I love the fact that I didn’t even have to use chemically shampooed dirty water. The moist sawdust mixture did the job perfectly well and I have to say I even look forward to the next time my carpets need to be cleaned!

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